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Contact Information:

Eric Hilt
Department of Economics
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA 02482
(781) 283-2986
ehilt [at]


Ph.D., Economics (Distinction), Columbia University, 2002

A.B. (magna cum laude), Occidental College, 1992

Academic Positions:

Department of Economics, Wellesley College

     Professor, 2017-
     Associate Professor, Economics, 2009-17
     Assistant Professor, Economics, 2002-09

Department of Economics, Yale University

     Visiting Associate Professor, 2014-15

National Bureau of Economic Research

     Research Associate, 2009-
     Faculty Research Fellow, 2003-09

Honors and Awards:

Visiting scholar fellowship, Russell Sage Foundation, 2011-12

Arthur Cole Prize, best article in the Journal of Economic History, 2009
Explorations Prize, best article in Explorations in Economic History, co-winner, 2009
Editorial board, Journal of Economic History, 2008-12
Finalist, Alan Nevins Dissertation Prize, 2002
President's Fellowship, Columbia University, 1996-99
Phi Beta Kappa, Occidental College, 2002


"Investment Banks as Corporate Monitors in the Early 20th Century," with Carola Frydman. American Economic Review, 2017

"Economic History, Historical Analysis, and the New History of Capitalism," Journal of Economic History, 2017

"Corporation Law and the Shift toward Open Access in the Antebellum United States," in Lamoreaux and Wallis, ed., Organizations, Civil Society, and the Roots of Development. NBER-University of Chicago Press, 2017

"Early American Corporations and the State," in Lamoreaux and Novak, eds., The Corporation and American Democracy, Harvard University Press, 2017

"Turning Citizens Into Investors: Promoting Savings with Liberty Bonds during World War I," with Wendy Rahn. Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2016

"Economic Effects of Runs on Early 'Shadow Banks':  Trust Companies and the Impact of the Panic of 1907,"  with Carola Frydman and Lily Y. Zhou. Journal of Political Economy, August 2015.

"Corporate Governance and the Development of Manufacturing Enterprises in Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts," in Enterprising America: Businesses,Banks and Credit Markets in Historical Perspective, ed. Collins and Margo. NBER-University of Chicago Press, 2015.

"History  of  American  Corporate  Governance," Annual Review of Financial Economics, December 2014. 

"Shareholder Voting Rights in Early American Corporations," Business History, 55(4), 2013.

"Democratic  Dividends:  Stockholding,  Wealth,  and  Politics  in  New  York,1791-1826," with Jacqueline Valentine. Journal of Economic History, 72(2), 2012.

"Rogue Finance:  The Life and Fire Insurance Company and the Panic of 1826," Business History Review, 83 (Spring), 2009.

"The Limited Partnership in New York, 1822-1858:  Partnerships without Kinship," with Katharine E. O'Banion. Journal of Economic History, 69(3), 2009.

"When Did Ownership Separate from Control?  Corporate Governance in the Early-Nineteenth Century." Journal of Economic History, 68(3), 2008.

     (Reprinted in Jones and Friedman, ed.,The Rise of the Modern Firm, Edward Elgar, 2012.)

"The Negative Trade-O Between Risk and Incentives:  Evidence from the American Whaling  Industry." Explorations in Economic History, 45(3), 2008.

"Investment and Diversification in the American Whaling Industry," Journal of Economic History, 67(2), 2007.

"Incentives in Corporations:  Evidence from the American Whaling Industry," Journal of Law and Economics, 49(1), 2006.

Working Papers:

"Financial Asset Ownership and Political Partisanship: Evidence from the Liberty Bond Campaigns of World War I, with Wendy Rahn, 2017."

"Banks, Insider Connections, and Industry in New England:  Evidence from the Panic of 1873," 2017.

"Effects  of  the  Introduction  of  Corporate  Securities  Ratings  in  the  Early Twentieth Century," with Carola Frydman and Asaf Berenstein, 2015.

"From Plutocracy to Progressivism?  The Assassination of President McKinley  as  a  Turning  Point  in American  History,"  with  Carola  Frydman  and Richard Baker, 2014.

"Wall  Street's  First  Corporate  Governance  Crisis:  The  Panic  of  1826." NBER Working Paper 14892, 2009.

Other Writings:

"Business Organization in American History," Oxford Handbook of American Economic History, forthcoming.

Review of A History of Financial Crises: Dreams and Follies of Expectations by Cihan Bilginsoy (Routledge, 2015), Journal of Economic History, forthcoming. 

Review of Unsettled Account: The Evolution of Banking in the Industrialized World Since 1800, by Richard S. Grossman (Princeton, 2010). Enterprise & Society 15(2), 2014. 

Review of The New Lombard Street: How the Fed Became the Dealer of Last Resort by Perry Mehrling (Princeton, 2010). Society, 49(3), 2012.

Review of Shareholder Democracies? Corporate Governance in Britain and Ireland before 1850, by Mark Freeman, Robin Pearson and James Taylor (Chicago, 2012).  Published on
, 2012.

"Comments on Baics, Fetter, and Wanamaker," Journal of Economic History, 71(2), 2011.

Review of Investing in Life: Insurance in Antebellum America, by Sharon Murphy (Johns Hopkins, 2010).  Published on, 2010.

Review  of The Exchange Artist:  A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America's First Banking Collapse, by Jane Kamensky (Penguin, 2009). Published on, 2010.

"Financial  Innovation,  Crisis  and  Regulatory  Reform," Financial History, Winter 2010.

Review  of The Market Revolution in America: Liberty, Ambition and the Eclipse of the Common Good, by John Lauritz Larson. Journal of Economic History,70(3), 2010.

Review of The Global Economy in the 1990s: A Long-Run Perspective, ed. Rhode and Toniolo (Cambridge, 2006). Journal of Economic History,66(4), 2006.

Invited Seminars:

2017-18: Harvard University, American University, Board of Governors of
the Federal Reserve, Clark University, NYU-Stern, Paris School of Economics
2016-17: Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University
2015-16: UCLA, Colgate University, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, Middlebury College

2014-15: Yale University, Brandeis University, UC Santa Barbara - History Department, University of Arizona, Yale Law School, NYU-Stern School of Business
2013-14: Harvard  University
2012-13: Rutgers  University,  Wesleyan  University,  University of  Michigan
2011-12: Columbia  University (Business  History  Forum),  George  Mason  University,  Miami  University  of Ohio, NYU-Stern School of Business, Columbia University (Economic History  Seminar)
2010-11: University  of  British  Columbia,  Yale  University, Vanderbilt University, Clark University
2009-10: Queen's University, Harvard University
2008-09: University of Tilburg, University of Amsterdam, NYU-Stern School of Business, Northeastern University
2007-08: Rutgers University, Duke-Fuqua School of Business, Harvard University, UC Merced, UC Davis, Stanford University
2006-07: University of Oxford, Norwegian School of Economics and Business, MIT-Sloan School of Management, Columbia University, Harvard  University, UNC-Chapel Hill
2005-06: Yale  University, UCLA
2004-05: Northwestern  University, Colby College, University of Maryland
2003-04: Harvard University

Conference Presentations:

2017-18: Economic History Association, ASSA Meetings (Discussant), Business History Conference, Wharton Financial Regulation Conference, Cleveland Fed Financial History Conference, Seattle University Law School

2016-17: ASSA Meetings, Economic History Association (Discussant), Business History Conference
2015-16: World Economic History Congress (Kyoto, Japan), Business History Conference, Organization of American Historians

2014-15: American Historical Association, NBER Conference on Civil Society, Organization of American Historians, Harvard Business School Conference on the History of Law and Business Organizations, German Historical Institute Conference on Financialization,  Business History Conference
2013-14: Atlanta Fed-Emory University Financial  History Conference, Economic History  Association (Discussant), ASSA Meetings, NBER Summer Institute, Norges Bank Conference on the History of Central Banking
2012-13: World  Congress  of Cliometrics, Economic History Association
2011-12: Business History Conference, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics, NBER Monetary Economics program meeting, NBER Universities Research conf. (discussant)
2010-11: Economic History Association, Williams College conference on History and Development, Business History Conference
2009-10: NBER  Summer  Institute,  Tel-Aviv  University  Law  School  conference on Firm Governance, University of Amsterdam conference on Law History and Finance, Economic History Association (discussant) 2008-09: Economic History Association
2007-08: All-U.C.  Economic  History  Conference, NBER Summer Institute, World Cliometrics Society Conference, Economic History Association
2006-07: NBER  Summer  Institute,  Economic History  Association,  ASSA  Meetings  (discussant)
2005-06: World Economic History Congress, Cliometric Society Conference; MIT-Sloan BPS Mini-conference, ASSA Meetings (discussant)
2004-05: Economic History Association, NBER Summer Institute, ISNIE Annual Meeting, NBER DAE program meeting
2002-03: Economic History Association.

Keynotes and Public Lectures:

Ponti ca Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago Chile, July 2017
New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford MA, August 2017

Boston Economic Club, Boston MA, May 2017

Service to the Profession:

2016-: Book review editor, Journal of Economic History

2016: Program Committee, Business History Conference
2016: Nominating Committee, Economic History Association
2015-18: Elected Member, Board of Trustees, Cliometric Society
2012-14: Oxford Prize Committee, Business History Conference 
2012-14: EHA Committee  on  Teaching  in  Economic  History
2013: Program  Committee, DAE Program Meeting, NBER
2011: Local Arrangements Committee, EHA Annual Meeting
2010: Convener, Nevins Dissertation Prize, EHA
2005-06: Program Committee, DAE, NBER Summer Institute

Referee Service:

American Economic Review, Business History Review, Cliometrica, Economic History Review, Enterprise and Society, European Review of Economic History,Explorations in Economic History, Harvard University Press, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Institutional Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Politics, Journal of Finance, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Managerial Finance, National Science Foundation, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Revista de Historia Economica, Strategic Management Journal, University of Pennsylvania Press, Western Historical Quarterly, William and Mary Quarterly


Wellesley College
Macro (Principles, Intermediate), Finance, Economic Organizations in American History
Yale University: History of the American Financial System, American Economic History
Columbia University: Introduction to Accounting and Finance

Service at Wellesley:

2016-: Extramural Graduate Fellowships Committee
2010-14: Investment Committee

2010-14: Committee on the Curriculum and Academic Policy 
2012-13: Chair, Subcommittee on Shadow Grading
2008-10: Academic Planning Committee
2007: Agenda Committee 
2006: Faculty Benefits Committee
2003-05: Committee on Faculty Awards 
2003-05: Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs